Automates onboarding journeys and transforms employee engagement using Office 365 and SharePoint.

Employee Onboarding for Office 365 provides a complete solution for automation and management of employee onboarding journeys with extended capabilities to transform employee engagement and service delivery activities. Powered by the APPIFY Engagement Cloud, the product fully leverages Office 365, SharePoint & Outlook and integrates seamlessly with existing HR and other employee-facing systems, applications and services.
Using Employee Onboarding for Office 365, companies can now offer a unified
and highly differentiated onboarding experience to their new employees while
dramatically accelerating their path to productivity. In addition to improving
onboarding efficiency and compliance, hiring managers and HR personnel have full visibility to track the status and progress of employees being on-boarded with the ability to generate reports as needed. By enabling delivery of a great first impression, companies can establish a deeper bond with their employees and set the stage for long-term, transformational employee engagement.