Project Briefs

Upgrading of the current Microsoft Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) version for Head office in Federal Territoty – Putrajaya, including deployment of two (2) new version of AD DS domain controllers.

  • Client : Government Agency
  • Category : Active Directory, Microsoft On Premise Servers
  • Location : Federal Territory Putrajaya, MALAYSIA

Project Briefs

Completed Scope

  • Reviewed current AD DS and DNS services architecture.
  • Conducted network port scanning between WAN nodes to ensure required ports are available at all times for AD DS operations.
  • Conducted AD DS upgrade staging in isolated staging environment.
  • Upgraded AD DS Schema in production environment.
  • Upgraded AD DS Domain in production environment.
  • Deployed two (2) new upgraded version domain controllers.
  • Verified AD DS replications to all other nationwide State Offices’ legacy version domain controllers are working optimally.
  • Upgraded AD DS Forest & Domain Functionality Mode in production environment.
  • Decommissioned legacy domain controllers.

Technologies Used

  • Microsoft Windows Server
  • Microsoft DNS
  • Microsoft Active Directory