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Everyone is moving to the cloud architecture. Yet, you are left behind due to your security policy which dictates that Microsoft-based critical systems MUST BE left on-premise to operate. With on-premise servers, comes the complexity of managing the system lifecycle – New Deployment, Version Upgrade, System Migration, Server Disaster Recovery, System Administration and Break/Fix Support.

New Deployment

We provide new on-premise system deployment service based on your business needs.

Version Upgrade

We provide on-premise system version upgrade service to ensure have the latest version.

System Migration

We provide on-premise system migration services to move your system to the new platform.

Server Disaster Recovery

We provide on-premise system disaster recovery planning service to formulate your systems recovery procedures.

System Administration

We provide on-premise remote system administration service for those who does not want to retain own Administration team.

Break/Fix Support

We provide break/fix support services for your on-premise systems to complement your Systems Administration team.

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